Hope Cochran

Hope Cochran

Managing Director
Madrona Venture Group

Hope F. Cochran is a Managing Director at Madrona Venture Group, a technology-focused venture capital group. Prior to joining Madrona in January 2017, Ms. Cochran was the Chief Financial Officer of King Digital Entertainment, the creator of Candy Crush and other successful mobile games, from 2013 to 2016. In this role, she helped drive the company’s significant employee and revenue growth, guided the Company’s IPO and successfully completed a $5.9 billion acquisition by Activision. From 2005 to 2013, Ms. Cochran was a financial executive at Clearwire, Inc., serving as Chief Financial Officer from 2011 to 2013, where she brought the company through $12 billion of capital raises including an IPO, secondary offering, multiple debt offerings and strategic investments from large public companies.

Among other honors, Ms. Cochran has been named one of Fortune’s Top 10 Women in Gaming, Women Inc.’s 2018 Most Influential Corporate Director and Puget Sound CFO of the Year for Public Companies, and received a Top 50 Global Telecom CFO award from Global Telecom Business. In 2021, Puget Sound Business Journal named Ms. Cochran a Director of the Year in recognition of her outstanding service to the Boards of Hasbro, New Relic and MongoDB.

Ms. Cochran brings to the Board extensive knowledge of digital and mobile gaming, a proven track record in financial and growth-focused leadership roles and valuable experience managing global teams and businesses.


  • Extensive experience spanning more than 20 years as a senior financial executive in the digital gaming and telecom industries.
  • Significant knowledge of development of digital content businesses.
  • International business expertise in managing global teams, and talent in managing, growing and overseeing global businesses.
  • Substantial experience as a chief financial officer and overseeing financial and accounting issues for public companies.


  • MongoDB, Inc.
  • Audit Committee Chair
  • New Relic, Inc.
  • Lead Independent Director


  • None
Independent Director